We are excited we finally get to reissue our early albums.

We are excited we finally get to reissue our early albums.

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We are excited we finally get to reissue our early albums.

The glorious decade of the 90s is never outdated. It is the mother of all good music and rebellious styles rooted deep in the heart of the death and black scene. Nightfall have been an active part of this movement, and we are more than excited to have the chance to see these releases coming out again. And some of them, in formats never printed before; Athenian Echoes in vinyl, Lesbian Show in vinyl, Diva Futura in vinyl. This is wonderful.

As band we decided to keep the original artwork and the original sound to let old fans remember the greatness of those times and the younger ones to taste the real thing. There is nothing better than maintaining originality in a reissue. And these releases do exactly this to the favor of the listener who wants to travel back in times of wonder and pure creativity. It is a cult relic that well preserves the powerful mysticism of the enchanting atmosphere of the 90s’ magic era.

These recordings were done in conditions unimaginable to today’s pro tools aficionados. No safety nets or tricks applied. Expensive tape recordings never allowed for multiple tries and endless overdubs and they never forgive lousy performance or mistakes. You either be fully ready to record, be accurate or end up in failure. By maintaining the original sound of these recordings, the motivated listener will enjoy band’s effort to deliver in the full spectrum. You’ll hear every single note like you are there, watching the band playing in the studio, trying to deliver its vision through practical difficulties and scarcity of means. It’s an awesome process even to observe.

If you are a Nightfall fan, this is definitely a feast to your ears. But even if you are not, and you are only into the original sounds of the 90s, these recordings will put you in a time capsule to a marvelous trip. Lovers of the scene, collectors and history freaks you certainly gonna dig up information about how things were done those days, through these very recordings.

Pompous, melodic, with doomy, gothic and deadlier parts, sometimes too fast and others dead slow, these albums compose a vicious story sang in vivid tongues, served cold in a tone of black ferocious epicness.

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